Convertible benchtop router table

Rockler's new convertible benchtop router table provides multiple setup and mounting options and allows a user to switch from table routing to handheld routing and back without having to change the baseplate. The two-part design of the plates, round at one end and straight at the other, allow for the router to be rotated during mounting. Two versions of the plate are available for mid-size and compact routers and both include starter pins and have predrilled mounting holes. The company says the table's sturdy steel leg system and pivoting feet allow for mounting flexibility. The non-slip feet have notches for clamps and predrilled mounting holes for screws. It also features a 1-1/8 inch thick melamine-coated MDF top, standard miter slot, an aluminum fence with included 2-1/2 inch dust port and bit guard, adjustable fence faces with T-slots for featherboards and jigs, and ergonomic knobs.

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