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Barn door track system

Why is Mikron jumping into the hardware area of the market? Our customers, whom we see as our partners, came to us with a request to build a better system. While other systems on the market offered the design features they required, they lacked the ability to be adjusted while being mounted. This impedes structural strength and a long-term safe installation.  Unique engineering features, which set the Mikron Barn Door Track System apart, provide the ability for adjustments, unlike any other system on the market.  

·     With fully adjustable mounting points, the track can be attached to the existing studs or any other structurally sound mounting points within the tracks length. This makes mounting much easier and does not require any advanced planning of proper blocking.

·     The track can be cut to size if necessary using basic tools and finished using the included end caps.

·     System includes 4 independent track hangers, which can handle a weight of up to 125lbs per hanger, when lag screws are fastened to studs or equivalent support structure.

·     Adjustments can be made up to 1/8” on the track to allow proper levelling and spacers are included to allow depth adjustments up to 7/8” in 1/8” increments.  Included door stops may be placed anywhere along the track.

·     An integrated cam in the wheel mounts allow for simple micro adjustments to easily adjust for height changes from 0” to 1/4” up or down after door has been hung.

·      Optional engineered track connectors allow you to increase track length in multiples of 80”.

·     All aluminum components are anodized.   Available in rustic black or aluminum finishes.