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Torx Drive Pocket Hole Screws


Quickscrews International has introduced the Torx Drive to its Pocket Hole Screws line. The Torx Drive is becoming more popular in the woodworking and construction industries, says the company. One of its benefits is the six-degree drive angle, which requires less torque to drive the screw, adds Quickscrews. Torx heads are also designed to prevent cam-out, which results in longer tool life. Quickscrews now stocks Torx Drive Pocket Hole Screws with coarse thread, for greater holding power in softer woods, and hi-low thread, which is beneficial when working with red oak or melamine to help prevent strip-out, says the company. Furthermore, these screws are optical sorted, making them ideal for use in automated pocket hole machines.  For more information and to view these new screws, visit

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