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Bio-Based Wood-Like Product

Westech Building Products launched TruGrain, a bio-based wood substitute based on Resysta, a polymeric board product containing rice husks, mineral oil and salt. Westech Building Products sells synthetic decking, moulding and vinyl windows, among other building materials. A unit of Westlake Chemical, Westech says its TruGrain delivers the aesthetic appeal of wood without the disadvantages like swelling, splintering and rotting. Resysta was developed as a substitute for unsustainable rainforest woods, says the company. It is 100 percent waterproof and recyclable, adds Westech, and it is UV-resistant and can be sanded, stained and sealed.. Currently there are 20 different shades of water-based stains available and TruGrain can be stained at the factory or on the job site. Resysta is extrudable into solid and hollow profiles as well as boards of various thicknesses, says the company. Resysta has been available in the European market for 15 years, says the company, but is new to the North American market. For additional information about Westech and Resysta products, visit and

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