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LED Magnetic-Mount Construction Light
May 7, 2013 | 11:21 am CDT

Larson Electronics, introduces a compact, powerful three lamp construction light designed to provide high output illumination in an easy to mount design. The WAL-M-3X48LED-120 144 Watt LED Flood Light features a magnetic mounting platform and produces over 8,000 lumens of high quality light output from three adjustable 48 watt LED lamps, says the company, capable of illuminating work areas 675 ft. long by 450 ft. wide. The LED work light features magnetic mounting assembly, which can be attached to any metallic surface capable of accepting a magnet. Each LED light on the unit is IP67 rated waterproof and features a heavy-duty aluminum housing with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens. The LEDs utilize Edison Edixeon emitters from Cree with an operational life rated at 50,000+ hours. Each lamp has an adjustable hinge that allows operators to adjust each lamp independently of the other for optimum coverage of the work area. Power is provided by an integral waterproof transformer and will run from any 120-277 VAC power source, including standard wall outlets.  The mounting system consists of three 200 lbs. grip magnetic pads providing a total of 600 lbs. of magnetic gripping force. This light can be attached to metallic walls or ceilings, vehicles and heavy equipment, tank walls and metal framing.  

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