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Sliding Door System

Hafele America introduces the Aluflex Sliding Door System, which can be ordered, customized and pre-assembled through the Häfele-to-Order (H-to-O) online service. Applications for the Aluflex aluminum-framed sliding door system include closets, living rooms, garages, office areas and other spaces where doors are needed. Aluflex is available with a soft-close dampening mechanism to prevent noise and avoid damage to doors and walls. Aluflex orders can be customized through the H-to-O service by selecting the dimensions, number of panels, mullions, finish and material including wood, glass, Ecoresin and mirrors. Shipments of the pre-assembled doors will arrive within one-to-three weeks after placing the order, says Hafele. The bottom-mounted track offers stability regardless of surrounding structural components and doors will silently slide on all surfaces including carpets, tile and wood, adds the company. Designs are available to accommodate doors up to 88 lbs. and 176 lbs.

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