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Non-Neon Flexible LED Lighting

Outwater introduces its new 120V and 24V Color Jacket Non-Neon Flexible LED Lighting, designed to replace old glass neon light tubes, says the company. It allows users to easily and inexpensively create and install illumination where desired, adds Outwater. The Color Jacket Non-Neon Flexible LED Lightings is available in seven colors: Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Cool White, and Warm White. The lighting is durable and flexible and can be cut and connected in the field, says Outwater, to produce lighted signs, lit building outlines and other types of interior or exterior lighting. Outwater adds the lighting offers up to 70 percent greater operating efficiency over comparable forms of lighting with an approximate 100,000 hour lifespan. The LED lighting is crush resistant up to 450 psi and suitable for use in harsh environments. It provides balanced illumination without generated hot spots, says Outwater.

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