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Winter Sports Gear Storage

storeWALL has a wide range of storage ideas for Winter Gear. The Heavy Duty Universal Hook is ideal for storing sports equipment, says the company. For combination ski and helmet storage, storeWALL recommends using the long length of the Heavy Duty Universal Hook. Single hooks organize racing, figure and hockey ice skates. A paper towel holder holds snow boards. Three pair of ski boots can be stored on the angle shelf. The shallow basket, 12” deep x 24” wide, can hold helmets and other equipment. For horizontal ski storage use the short length of the 5” shelf and organize snow shoes on the 7.5” straight hook. Ski poles can be hung on a 2.5” single hook. A Universal Hook holds hockey sticks and for several hockey sticks, use the longer length Heavy Duty Universal Hook, recommends storeWALL. The 5” shelf can be used to store supplies related to winter sports equipment.

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