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Hands-Free Clamping Workstation

Rockwell’s new BenchJaws is a hands-free clamping workstation that can be easily mounted to most workbenches, says the company, to secure projects up to 16-in. wide. It features jaws that are nearly twice the width of conventional vises, adds Rockwell, making it able to hold items such as a rocking chair, stool, window frames and other irregular shapes. BenchJaws secures projects for sawing, sanding, drilling, gluing, refinishing and polishing. The jaws are foot-pedal activated, which leaves the user’s hands free. It mounts to a corner of a workbench via a steel, L-shaped plate with pre-drilled holes. Once the plate is installed, the vise can be rotated 90 degrees by loosening thumbscrews that hold the unit in place, says Rockwell. The 22 lb. workstation has a clamping range of 0-16 in., and can support loads up to 220 pounds and the vise generates up to one metric ton (2,200 pounds) of clamping force. The Rockwell BenchJaws (RK9006) retails for $99.99. Optional accessories include the Extension Jaw (RW9207) and the Multipurpose Jaw (RW9208), each retails for $39.99.

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