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Motorized Wardrobe Lift
February 26, 2014 | 1:50 pm CST

Häfele's new Motorized Wardrobe Lift gives users the ability to store and retrieve items without the need for physical exertion through the ease of a motorized lift. The motorized wardrobe lift brings clothing at the touch of a button without interfering with items stored below, says the company. The Motorized Wardrobe Lift is available in two versions: Standard with a vertical lowering range of 30” and Extended with a vertical lowering range of 50”. Features include a motorized 110V, electrical plug included although it can be hardwired by an electrician. The wireless remote control lowers or raises the control bar with a touch of a button. Programming upper and lower limits of the clothes bar allows the unit to be customized for the storage space available. The Motorized Wardrobe lift is available in a chrome or black finish.

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