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Inflatable Air Cushion for Leveling

Red Horse USA introduces the WinBag, a strong, inflatable air cushion, designed for a variety of leveling and installation uses including use as a replacement for shims. Each WinBag vinyl air bag can be inflated to lift up to a maximum load of 220 lbs., says the company. WinBag is designed to save professional craftsman time, money and energy when installing cabinets, doors, windows, furniture, appliances and more, adds the company. The WinBag is inserted and inflated with the attached hand pump. Users can adjust it, inflating and deflating, until the item being installed is perfectly aligned. The WinBag is cushion-like and won’t scratch or damage wood or other material, says the company, and is removed by deflating the WinBag. For further information, visit the company website

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