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Outwater introduces the Battery Operated LED Wafer Puck Lighting System, suited for use in existing cabinets, drawers, closets or extremely tight applications in which electrical outlets are not readily accessible or cannot be readily installed because of confined space limitations. Outwater’s unobtrusive, ultra low profile Battery Operated LED Wafer Puck Lighting System can be easily surface mounted virtually anywhere via the system’s incorporated peel & stick tape, screws or available magnets, making it suitable for retrofitting and remodeling installations, says the company. Designed to release the system’s refrigerator-type on/off plunger switch by opening the cabinet door, drawer or closet to which it has been mounted, Outwater’s Battery Operated LED Wafer Puck Lighting System will provide 90 seconds of either warm white (3000k) or natural white (4000k) illumination before turning off. For continuous lighting, the 90 second timer can be manually turned off. Similar in illumination to a 20 watt halogen bulb and dimmable the system has an approximate 50,000 hour bulb life and operates with D batteries. Additionally, no heat emission or generated UV radiation ensures that stored clothing will not fade.

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