AcromaPro AccuStain solvent-based wood stain system delivers color consistency

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The AccuStain Solvent-Based Stain System from AcromaPro delivers next generation wood finishing for batch-to-batch color consistency with deeper, cleaner colors with the option of a soft appearance in a spray no wipe stain.
Fast, repeatable color development, using a wide palette, means that finishers can achieve the correct color quickly in fewer steps. The system eliminates the need to match colors that have already been developed, saving finishers time and increasing their productivity. 
The system consolidates all stain components into a single stain line, providing simplicity and lowering inventory costs. Sixteen uniquely ground pigments and three clear bases specifically designed for use in solvent-based stains eliminate the need for universal pigments. A pre-formulated online stain library available through select AcromaPro distributors provides the complete palette. 
The AccuStain Solvent-Based Stain System is available as a wiping or spray no wipe application. The spray stain feature is a high production alternative, providing fast-drying times that virtually doubles the application speed for greater operational efficiency.  
“AccuStain is all about making it simple and increasing efficiency, while enhancing color consistency and delivering consistent, repeatable colors,” said Joe Spencer, sales director, AcromaPro. “It consolidates our stains into a single line that can help finishers lower inventory costs.”
AcromaPro is sold through a network of authorized coatings distributors across the U.S. and Canada. Learn more about the AccuStain System at or email

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