GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Stiles Machinery’s fourth episode of the digital Manufacturing Solutions Series premiered live on October 19, with a focus on surface technologies that will help manufacturers stand out from their competition. Stiles experts Ken McFadden, Doug Mounts, Brian Stiles and Peter Van Dyke covered three primary surface applications: sanding, laminating and finishing. This episode is available for replay until Monday, October 26.

In the sanding segment, manufacturers were shown detailed examples of various effect sanding techniques such as vintage, textured, rough sawn and more. Sanding expert Peter Van Dyke demonstrated the new Heesemann planetary head and showed various demonstrations of how it works and what makes it different. In addition, an overview of Stiles’ two head sanding program, calibration sanding program, and brushing and orbital program were highlighted.

The laminating segment focused on Stiles’ flat pressing and 3D/membrane pressing processes and techniques. Through the partnership with Orma and Wemhöner, Stiles can bring manufactures scalable laminating systems no matter the shop size. Ken McFadden and Brian Stiles explored the pressing process with an emphasis on 3D laminating and the features the product offers.

In the finishing segment, Stiles expert Doug Mounts compared manual spraying to flat line spraying, detailing the differences and best practices of both. In detail he showed manufacturers how to make the most out of spraying to increase transfer efficiency with the best spray angles, distance, stroke, speed, and overlap, in addition to saving labor and cost.

The episode wraped up with Stiles experts showcasing the technology Stiles can offer and how sanding, laminating and finishing can come together to support your overall surface production.

This episode is available for exclusive replay until Monday, October 26:

Next Monday, October 26, Stiles’ Solid Wood episode will air at 11 a.m. EDT / 8 a.m. PDT. This episode will conclude the Stiles Manufacturing Solutions Series. Complimentary registration for Stiles’ remaining episode is available at

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