Peyton Woods program attracts new students
March 8, 2016 | 8:19 am CST

Peyton Woods Manufacturing Program is expanding.

The program provides high school students with entry level to advanced cabinet manufacturing, including wood manufacturing skills, math, problem solving and teamwork.

Tim Kistler, superintendent of the Peyton School District, said that students from other districts will be part of the program.

“As we are planning for next year, we've been contacted by several school districts and they will be bussing students to our program,” he said. “One school district, near the Colorado Springs airport, will be bussing students 40 to 50 minutes each way to Peyton. There will be 50 to 60 kids from that school district.

“We have another that will be sending nearly 25 students and they are 30 minutes away, and we finally made arrangements with the district just to the south of us and they will be sending 25 to 30 students. We have agreed to put internet, or hot spots, on busses so students can be engaged in class work, either online courses or flipped classes while traveling. This way they don't lose educational time.

“In all, we planning on a minimum of 120 to 150 new students for next year.”

The Peyton Woods Manufacturing Program started in August, and had about 40 students attending either a morning or afternoon session last fall.

Dean Mattson, director of Woods Manufacturing for the Peyton School District, told FDMC at that time that he wanted to start out small, and was working with instructor Christopher Harding initially.

Mattson said the goal is to turn out a student who is ready for secondary education or can move into the workforce. Students will work toward gaining a Woodwork Career Alliance passport, a national certification credential.

Kistler said that having a building available to house the training center was an important part of the formula. The Career Technical Center building has already had several roles, serving as an elementary, junior high and high school before a new high school was built in Peyton in 2004.

Peyton Woods Manufacturing Program came together quickly. An open house event at the Peyton, Colorado, training center in October featured educators, students, and many industry representatives that have not only contributed equipment and supplies, but also have matched Mattson’s enthusiasm.

What has resulted is not a typical educational effort, but a special program that is the result of close cooperation between educators and industry. It’s also a model for other schools around the country to follow.

The main shop floor is full of the latest woodworking equipment and space for instruction.

About 40 companies are exclusive partners or supporters, and are providing machines, materials and technology. Machines on the floor are identified with the sponsoring company’s name. Other company’s contributions (tooling, hardware, clamps, etc.) are in wall-mounted displays, and all companies are represented by banners hung on the walls.

One of the first to respond was Kreg Tools and Fasteners, which made a generous contribution of equipment. Stiles Machinery was also an early supporter, promising a wide range of equipment and support.

Other industry partners include TigerStop, Triton Power Tools, Timesavers, Ironwood, Bessey clamps, Nederman dust collection, FastCap, 3M sanding, adhesives and safety equipment, Columbia Forest Products, Cabinotch, Blum hardware and boring machines, Belfab, JLT clamping, Grex fasteners, QuickScrews, Veritas Lee Valley hand tools, Cabinet Vision software, Microjig and Leitz tooling.

Partner companies include Williams & Hussey Machine Co., Bosch power tools, Rikon power tools, Felder Group, SawStop, Barbo Machinery, Elder Construction, JDS Multi-Router, Drillnado dust collection, Conquest Industries and CTD saws.

Education partners include FDMC Magazine and Woodworking Network, WMIA, AWFS, Oregon State University, Woodwork Career Alliance, and Custom Source Woodworking.

For more information, contact Dean Mattson, [email protected], or Tim Kistler, [email protected].

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