Lach Diamant, Germany presents Future for Today at EMO 2017 in Hanover.
Lach Diamant, Germany presents Future for Today at EMO 2017 in Hanover.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Lach Diamant in Germany has marked its 95th anniversary while maintaining the tradition of grinding diamonds, including the dressing and profiling of conventional grinding wheels.

The historical business segment of jewelry diamond grinding had its heyday in the 1930s, with 600 employed diamond grinders.

The development of the polycrystalline diamonds has influenced daily life since the end of the 1950s until today. The discovery of electrical discharge grinding for the forming of polycrystalline diamonds in 1978 was also the starting signal for a worldwide realignment in the woodworking and plastics processing industries, especially for the furniture and parquet flooring as well as the PCB industries.

The diamond tooling that was subsequently manufactured, including milling tools, scoring saws and saw blades, increased tool life.

The foundation of Lach Diamond Inc., in Grand Rapids in 1982 helped the introduction of this new technology to the North American market, at trade fairs in Louisville, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

When Jakob Lach founded his diamond grindery in 1922, he never would have thought that Lach Diamant would one day be a pioneer in the manufacturing of diamond tools, the founder of Lach Diamant said in the early 1980s.

In its anniversary year 2017, Lach Diamant, Germany, is exhibiting at EMO in Hanover, the largest European trade show for tools and tooling machines, and the company will present how the company’s diamond tools and grinding wheels have accelerated many technical innovations during the last fifty years. See

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