According to Cefla, Industry 4.0 is the biggest development since the industrial revolution. It is happening at such a speed that today’s businesses and factories that fully grasp the importance of efficiency, supervision and personalized service will be the ones who exploit the technological opportunities offered by the their new suite of digital tools.

Cefla’s cCloner software will enable companies to check line logistics, assess loading and unloading stations, analyze the production flow and decide how to handle servicing operations.

Cefla’s technicians use this tool to tweak the details of up to 100 different machines, adjusting parameters to optimize production efficiency, changing things to simulate a sequence of working days.

Another tool is cTracker, which is designed to monitor a company’s production, collect and analyze data to provide the necessary information to interact, correct and adjust machinery to maintain optimum performance at all times.

Also, cLink closes the gap between ERP and cTracker so that such data retain their value over time. The cMaster web-based monitoring tool allows operators to keep an eye on both output and production line status, any time of day, anywhere in the world. With an internet connection, all that is needed is a smartphone or a tablet. See

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