GREENSBORO, N.C. – When ATI Decorative Laminates launched their LumiSplash product line in 2014, it was the first very thin illuminated laminate of its kind on the market; multi-layered, yet only ¼-inch thick. This innovation is what led ATI's CEO, Jim Burgio, to submit a patent application for LumiSplash.

ATI, a designer and maker of laminate surfaces for hospitality, contract, and retail markets, announced that the LumiSplash patent (#10,101,521) has been approved.

"The LumiSplash patent is a huge achievement for us," said Tara Burgio, president of ATI. "When we launched LumiSplash, we were answering a design problem for our customers. How can we make an illuminated laminate that is thinner, tougher, and more versatile than any other solution on the market? This patent sends a clear message; we succeeded."

According to ATI, LumiSplash features include easier fabrication, interchangeable artwork, the ¼-inch (6mm) thickness, a variety of lighting accessories, and improved abrasion, chemical, and impact resistance. In addition, LumiSplash can reportedly be used for most vertical and horizontal applications where other laminates can be used. See

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