Kitchen Cabinets - How Can I make the most out of my specific blind corner?
November 1, 2021 | 10:54 am CDT
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I have a new cabinet done by a carpenter. The end product was good enough, though the process was trash, so I just wanted to get rid of the guy. I now have a two-door corner cabinet that I don't know how to best utilize. I attached the top-view dimensions and I'm looking for any ideas that can be done with this. I looked into swivel shelves and also pull-out racks as well a large lazy susans. My problem with the pull out racks, which see like the best option, is the opening. Mine seems to narrow. The swivel shelves and the large lazy susan seem to each leave too much space in the back of the cabinet that I don't know how to use. Can abyone help me out here?