Countertop Conundrum
October 24, 2021 | 7:47 am CDT
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Right side is what I wanted
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All 3 Sections

I decided to refinish my pine countertops in my kitchen. Rather than spring for new butcher block. One side of countertop is broken up into 3 sections. After following the same process for each piece, one of the pieces came out much different than the others. Here was my process:
1. Use 40-60 grit sandpaper to remove varnish and prior stain (w/ orbital sander). Re-sand with 120, and then 240.
2. Apply wood filler to chips, holes, cracks and let sit 2 hours.
3. Sand down excess filler with 120 grit, and then 240
4. Apply Miniwax pre-stain, let sit for 7 minutes, wipe off.
5. Apply sanding sealer, let sit for 1 hour, abrase with 320 grit sandpaper
6. Apply Miniwax stain (special walnut), wipe excess after 5 minutes.

The longest piece of countertop turned out exactly like I wanted it. The other two pieces came out with a lighter, almost yellow tint. Is it possible they are different types of wood? Or do I just need to re-sand/stain the pieces that didn’t turn out the way I wanted? I appreciate any guidance!