ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Ben Chapman said he could talk about his company all day.  The president of two-year-old CABTEQ Solutions has a lot to say when it comes to his business, partnerships, core values and his employees. Established in the spring of 2016 in Rock Hill, S.C., the company is a commercial cabinet dynamo that offers design, manufacturing and installation services and serves a variety of commercial markets, including the dental and medical markets.
CABTEQ President Ben Chapman
CABTEQ Solutions began as a strategic partner with Pelton & Crane, one of the world’s leading dental equipment manufacturers. Chapman started at Pelton & Crane in 1994 assembling various dental equipment products including cabinets.  “I was 18 and they put me through college.  After college, I joined the operations / procurement team and eventually became the Director of Procurement,” he said.
The opportunity for the creation of CABTEQ arose when Pelton & Crane approached Chapman to launch a dedicated cabinet manufacturing facility.  He decided to set it up in his hometown of Rock Hill.  “It was an honor to continue being a part of the Pelton and Crane story. We focused on creating a first-class cabinet shop, and are now set up to compete for years to come” said Chapman.  
The company was jump-started with a $3 million investment, including $250,00 from the State of South Carolina. CABTEQ occupies an 80,000-sq. ft. building in Rock Hill that was once a printing facility.  The building had sat empty for several years.
The company’s commercial cabinet work is still about 60% dental with the remainder in medical, veterinarian, restaurant, hotel, and office. 
In addition to commercial cabinets, CABTEQ also does “a little bit of everything,” according to Chapman. “We are particularly proud of our line of benches, booths, and decorative millwork.  We also offer a cut-to-size division for a variety of other companies.”  CABTEQ does everything from plywood strips to doors and drawers for multiple customers who want to take advantage of their ability to offer a vast color match offerings with the fusion edge tape.
CABTEQ employs three installation teams (all CABTEQ employees,) for its projects across the country.  This allows us to own the projects from beginning to end and assure our customers are satisfied with our product.  We are committed to our product and stand behind them with our generous warranty.
The company’s capabilities are facilitated by its arsenal of high tech panel processing equipment including two Weeke Vantech Concept 3 CNC machining centers, a Weeke ABD 060-28 CNC drilling and dowel inserting machine, Homag panel saws, and a Homag 2492-6-six coil edgebander that features airTec technology that delivers a “Zero Edge.”
The airTec system is a reactivation unit that uses compressed, heated air to activate the adhesive layer. With this technology, air is propelled through a nozzle as the edgebanding material passes through the magazine, fusing the material to the panel edge.
According to Chapman, the edgebander has been a real game changer as it offers a seamless edge that is not only aesthetically beautiful but well-suited for the commercial market.   The seamless edge works well in medical and commercial because it does not allow the ingress of harsh chemicals that are often used to clean those cabinets.  The machines were provided by Stiles Machinery.
Core values
“Our driving philosophy from day one has been ‘Employees First,’” said Chapman. “We keep this in mind in every decision we make. Our core values are Commitment, Teamwork and Service.  The continual focus on these three values assures our customers have the highest quality product in the marketplace”
The company’s website expands on these values:
Commitment -- We are committed to providing clients with custom, innovative, and unmatched options for cabinetry. We are dedicated to bringing jobs to completion while making the entire process as enjoyable and as smooth as possible.
Teamwork -- We are a team; working together is the backbone of who we are. We are here to make sure every client and employee is valued and respected, through helping and supporting each other. Our hope is this standard of teamwork flow outside of our walls and into the community.
Service -- The heart of CABTEQ is rooted in service. We serve not only our clients, but our community by providing a positive, economic and growing environment. We are blessed to share our success with our neighbors through charitable outreach.
Quality -- Our mission is to continually create products that we are proud to say we produce.  We work with our clients from beginning to end, giving them results of the highest quality and satisfaction.
Chapman said he was fortunate to have a lot of great people who came to work at CABTEQ.    “It’s the employees who make us what we are.  We understand the importance of every role and everyone in our company. Our expectation is a workplace built on respect and true gratefulness for each other”
Chapman also spoke highly of his strategic partnership with Wurth Wood Group, which provide the CABTEQ with hardware, raw materials and laminates.  “They have been a strategic partner since Day One when I showed them the empty building.  Having the support of Wurth was critical for our company and they have been a great resource for us.  Our relationship is a true partnership and we understand how important they are to our success.” 
Today the company employs more than 80 people and has the capacity to produce up to 32 cabinets per day.  Chapman said he expects sales to exceed $12 million in 2018. “We have had an unbelievable start to 2018 and are excited about the continued growth of our team and the strong relationship with our customers” he said.
Plant tour February 14
Charlotte Wood Pro Expo attendees will get a firsthand look at commercial cabinet manufacturer, CABTEQ Solutions if they participate in the Feb. 14 conference program. CABTEQ Solutions is located in Rock Hill, S.C., where it offers design, manufacturing and installation services and serves a variety of commercial markets, including the dental and overall medical markets.  The tour is sponsored by Wurth Wood Group.

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