Laguna Tools Debuts Smartshop III CNC at AWFS 2015
Laguna, CNC, Smartshop III
Irvine, California – Torben Helshoj , President , Laguna Tools inc. . today announced that the company will introduce its Smartshop III CNC at booth 7411 in the 2015 AWFS (Association for Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers) Fair in July in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Laguna Tools has reached a new milestone with the release of the New SMARTSHOP III CNC machine. Developed in partnership with FANUC, the SMARTSHOP III is powered by the most reliable, most advanced CNC control Technology in the automation industry.
Fanuc is the machine control platform that built the machine tool industry in the U.S. In fact, Fanuc is the most respected control brand in the machine tool industry! With 32 years “mean time between component failure” on the Fanuc machine control, this machine may last your entire lifetime!
The SMARTSHOP III is a moving gantry CNC router that offers top performance with rapids that can reach 3000ipm and cut speeds up to 1200ipm. A rotary tool changer mounted to the gantry minimizes tool change time. The heavy one-piece welded tubular steel frame will perform in the most extreme conditions.
The Fanuc control package on the SMARTSHOP III (Machine control, Servos, drives and cables) are all Fanuc and matched to produce machine performance second to none in the world! Designed and assembled in Irvine, California the SMARTSHOP III comes standard with a 12HP HSD Spindle in either ISO-30 or HSK 63 tool holder. Options include larger spindles, boring blocks, C-axis, auxiliary pods/clamps, label printing/scanning and misting units. Standard table sizes are 4x8, 5x10, 5x12 and can be ordered up to 6X20.
Torben Helshoj President of LAGUNA TOOLS had this to say about the new SMARTSHOP III: “The SMARTSHOP III is both evolutionary and revolutionary. Never before has a CNC manufacturer been able to produce a machine at this performance level with the best controls in the industry from Fanuc and bring it to market at a price that meets or beats most of our competitors’ entry level machines. “
About Laguna Tools
Laguna Tools is an Irvine, California-based manufacturer of advanced CNC machinery and award-winning band saws, table saws, edge banders, and other woodworking equipment.

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