Webcast: 'Cool' Applications for Decorative Panels

Webcast: 'Cool' Applications for Decorative Panels  Dramatic, bright colors are coming into all areas of consumer goods, including woodworking. Imagine if your customers could simply add dramatic accents to kitchen cabinet doors, or brighten up an entertainment center with rich colors and patterns. 

In this free webcast (originally broadcast on January 9 at 1:00 p.m. CT, 2:00 p.m. ET), Timber Products' Patrick Cowan and distributor National Wood Products' Howard Hughes, will look at when and why to use decorative panels, and applications that you might not have considered.

The webcast will examine applications for thermally fused melamine (TFM) panels; hardwood faced panels with decorative overlay backs; decorative roll laminate panels; and how prefinished panels can improve efficiency and save in certain projects.

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Webcast: 'Cool' Applications for Decorative Panels
Webcast: 'Cool' Applications for Decorative Panels
Webcast: 'Cool' Applications for Decorative Panels

You'll learn about:
• Types of decorative panels
• Design trends in colors, textures, and styles
• Where applications of decorative panels work best
• Examples of projects centered around decorative panels

Who should attend:
• Architects and Interior Designers
• Construction Project Managers
• Architectural Woodworkers
• Building Construction Contractors


Webcast: 'Cool' Applications for Decorative PanelsPatrick Cowan
Plant Manager,
Timber Products Company

Patrick Cowan is the Plant Manager at Timber Products Company’s Spectrum Division. In this role, he oversees manufacturing of the company’s value added products—custom components, decorative panels, specialty sizes—and works directly with customers to manage panel utilization and yield. Prior to his current position, Cowan served in a technical sales role at Timber Products and has more than 20 years of experience with the company. He is a graduate of Oregon State University.

Webcast: 'Cool' Applications for Decorative PanelsHoward Hughes
General Manager, Northern California
National Wood Products

Howard Hughes has been involved for 24 years in the hardwood industry, managing distribution yards in the West and Northwest in Canada and the United States. In his current position as General Manager for National Wood Products, Hughes has financial responsibility for operations, oversees day-to-day operations, and sets sales and marketing strategy for Northern California and Nevada region. 


Webcast: 'Cool' Applications for Decorative Panels Bill Esler
Editorial Director, Woodworking Network
Vance Wood Interiors Media Group

Bill Esler is responsible for coordinating all content for Wood Products, Custom Woodworking Businesss, and Closets magazines, Woodworkingnetwork.com, along with related newsletters. He also chairs the Woodwork Career Alliance Education Committee, the woodworking industry education advocacy arm of WCA.

Originally broadcast on January 9, 2:00 p.m. ET. Registration is FREE.

Panel Sizing: New Ways to Maximize Yield  

Raw material pricing is on the rise, so getting more from each panel during production is critical.


Our experts will present ways to reduce waste, including some new approaches that rely on increasingly  on machine intelligence to calculate the best cut patterns, and automated materials handling to minimize damage during material transfer.

We’ll take a look at panels produced in unique dimensions to further enhance yield in live production. Advantages of using prefinished panels to increase throughput, reduce factory emissions and improve overall manufacturing efficiency will also be examined.


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