Miter door

Elias Woodwork’s miter door is unique in how it can accommodate so many options for design.

The face of any kitchen design will typically be your cabinet doors. Your door style, species and finishing will set the scene for the entire room and dictate the style you are going for. This is why choosing the right cabinet door for your project can be such an important decision. While there are benefits to both tenon or miter doors, we know that miter doors allow for many more style options and can give you the opportunity to get a bit more creative with your design project.

When it comes to miter doors, we have two construction options. The Screw and Plug option is a stronger joint that will see minimal movement, but will show an end grain wood plug on the top and bottom of your door. This is a popular option for painted doors. The Mortise & Tenon joint is very attractive with a concealed joint and is widely used with stained doors.

Elias Woodwork currently offers over 190 Frame Options. Combined with 26 Panel Profiles, these combination options alone will allow you to get creative with the various styles. There are other options that can take your creativity one step further. Adding an Applied Molding will accent your door that much more and let's not forget about adding other door options like decorative pegs and finger pulls for that truly unique style. All this is just the start when it comes to creating your door style. When you start looking at different species, stain colors, paint colors, glaze colors and distressing options, you can begin to see how there is no limit to what you can do. Whether creating your own unique style or achieving that trendy new door style you saw somewhere, Elias Woodwork has the options to help you reach your goals.


About Elias Woodwork

Since 1983, Elias Woodwork has been manufacturing cabinetry and millwork components. Over the last 35 years, they have made themselves known for their vast product selection, high quality finishes and competitive prices. As a Lean Manufacturer, Elias Woodwork can cater to a wide range of industries across North America and internationally. From Tenon, Miter and Slab cabinet doors, drawer boxes, moldings, refacing material, custom AOS Elite (Assemble On Site) cabinet boxes and decorative accessories, they can manufacture nearly any wood product for a new, remodeled or refaced kitchen or bath project.

With over 285,000 sq/ft of production space dedicated to meeting industry needs, Elias Woodwork is rapidly moving to the forefront as a leading manufacturer for the kitchen and bath industry. Their company is focused on implementing the most technologically advanced, state of the art equipment available to ensure precision cutting which results in some of the highest quality manufactured wood products in North America. 

Another benefit that Elias Woodwork can provide that helps keep costs down for their customers is by offering FREE shipping on orders of 30 or more 5 piece construction wood doors. This means your other products like moldings and accessories get shipped for free with your order. Some restrictions apply. 

Elias Woodwork is continuously updating their color collections and product offerings to reflect current kitchen and bath design trends. Whether stain, paint, thermofoil or laminate, their color collections are sure to be a must-need to for any design toolbox. With options like these and the virtually endless wood component selection, Elias Woodwork can help customers increase profits through their vast selection and competitive pricing. Get your next project quoted today!