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High-end waste container

Designed for 21-in. cabinets, the new Majestic high-end luxury waste container from Rev-A-Shelf is available in 74-quart capacity, as well as double 35 and 50 quart capacities. It features 400-lbs rated ball-bearing slides, the patented commercial Rev-A-Motion™ and six-point door mounting with 3-axis trim adjustment. Cans are sold separately.


About Rev-A-Shelf

Established in 1978 as a division of Jones Plastic & Engineering, Rev-A-Shelf’s product line began as metal and polymer Lazy Susan components manufactured for the largest U.S. cabinet manufacturers, and has since grown into the market leading innovator of residential cabinet storage solutions and LED cabinet lighting.

Rev-A-Shelf manufactures thousands of innovative accessories for your kitchen, bath or closet and with the acquisition of Tresco Lighting, Rev-A-Shelf offers a full line of LED lighting options for residential cabinetry and commercial display fixtures. Rev-A-Shelf’s primary markets include cabinet hardware distributors, large OEM cabinet manufacturers, Lowe’s and Menards home centers, and an array of online web resellers.