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Cefla Finishing presents iGiottoApp X2
MILAN - Cefla Finishing presents the new iGiottoApp X2 at Xylexpo 2016: the most advanced version of the 6-axis anthropomorphic painting robot. Designed to provide the highest level of flexibility and performance, iGiottoApp X2 fully exploits the potential offered by two anthropomorphic robots, virtually doubling productivity in comparison with the iGiottoApp single version, an already high performer in its own sake.
The two robots can work synchronously on identical items, independently on different products, or continuously on objects of any type, by integrating the work of one with that of the other without needing to interrupt the production flow.
But the most innovative aspect, marking once again Cefla Finishing's leading technological position, is the way the two robots can both independently "invade" the workspace of the other. This was made possible thanks to the development of the "3D anti-collision" function, based on the know-how acquired by Cefla engineers over decades of studies and development of cartesian robots, in which, however, the anti-collision system was only two-dimensional.
The software that controls the pair of robots was designed and developed entirely by Cefla; it offers different work options and thus allows motionless, rotating-oscillating (ROC), and tracking painting. In particular, the latter allows the robots to work simultaneously on the same load, drastically reducing processing times and achieving a considerable increase in productivity.
"The transition from a '2D anti-collision' software, well-tested with over 80 Cefla robots, to the final '3D anti-collision' version," explains Cefla Finishing Managing Director Alberto Maestri, "was the secret that allowed us to fully exploit the potential of having two robots working independently from each other, switching from synchronous to asynchronous operation with an automated robot control, requiring little skill from operators, who thanks to this software can place products in the machine with fewer constraints than those existing today."
The excellent performance of iGiottoApp X2 is also helped by a carbon fibre conveyor belt with a 5,600 mm workspace: nearly double the length of the iGiottoApp single version, a 70% increase in productivity.
iGiottoApp X2 also proves to be of great value in terms of operating costs, thanks to the HCD paint recovery system that cleans the belt from overspray particles generated during use. The double set of dry filters ensures that emissions are below the legal limit, and an automatic spray gun cleaning system further reduces machine service times.
In addition, iGiottoApp X2 is designed to ensure the highest quality even when working with complex surfaces. This is made possible thanks to the advanced 3D reading system used by the software to automatically generate spraying trajectories, even on curved surfaces, without the need to programme them manually.
The software can also be integrated with an optional module – the 3D classifier – which allows the machine to store the characteristics of samples in advance and automatically assign both the trajectories and paint recipes to single workpieces. The spray recipes, paired with sample classifications, provide maximum efficiency in terms of flexibility and automation.