TigerStop, maker of automated stop/gauge, push feed, and positioning equipment, has announced the launch of its new website.

“The new interactive site is fully aligned with our mission statement,” said Mary Dick, president of TigerStop, LLC. “It is aimed at helping manufacturers of every size and across every industry reduce waste in their processes and make informed business decisions so they can compete in an increasingly competitive global landscape,”

The site’s updated Service Center allows customers to visit and access the tools, documentation, and instructions to troubleshoot machinery. It is searchable and stocked with hundreds of how-to videos, FAQ’s, request forms, and manuals. The Service Center’s resources will teach customers how to maintain their equipment for years to come.

The website’s Online Parts Store is another addition to the site. Customers can have spare parts drop-shipped to their shops overnight.

With the Product Configurator educational tool, customers can build custom products and learn about the more than 700 million ways to configure TigerStop machinery, tables, accessories, and software items. Designs can then be submitted for quotation at the press of a button. See https://www.tigerstop.com/

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