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Insert Tooling

Charles G. G. Schmidt & Co. announces the addition of standard insert tooling for all phases of window, door, cabinet and moulding production including tenon heads, groovers, surfacing heads, stile and rail cutters, panel raising cutters and router bits. Charles G.G. Schmidt also offers quality brazed tools as stock items, says the company.  All tooling is manufactured to a customer’s specifications for the client’s particular type of machinery and manufactured to strict tolerances on CNC lathes and five axis milling centers, adds Charles G.G. Schmidt, and custom tooling is a specialty. Contact the company for a copy of the new Catalog 1000.

(800) 724-6438          


About Charles G.G. Schmidt & Co.

G. G. Schmidt & Company is pleased to announce the celebration of their 86th
anniversary in the manufacturing and distribution of woodworking tools and
woodworking machinery. Started in downtown New York City in 1926, the Schmidt
Company manufactures and sells tooling for shapers, moulders, tenoners, saws, CNC
routers and planers. They now occupy a state of the art facility in Montvale
New Jersey using the latest CNC equipment to produce their tools for
woodworking shops throughout the United States and surrounding countries.
Insert panel raising cutters, stile and rail sets, and profiling heads designed
to be used on shapers and CNC routers are the newest addition to Charles G. G.
Schmidt?s product line. They have also added new insert tools to produce
flooring. You can see all of their new tools in their new catalog No. 1000 as
well as on the internet at Give them a call at 1 800 SCHMIDT



Phone: 201-391-5300


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