The International Woodworking Fair 2016 was the platform for technologies and materials for manufacturers of cabinetry, furniture, millwork, and closets. Read continuing coverage of materials and technologies announced at the show at Woodworking Network:


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IWF Video

Giben America recaps excitement around GS 510 CNC debut at IWF 2016

At IWF 2016 in Atlanta, visitors had a chance to get an up-close look at the very anticipated GS Router, a 2016 Challengers Award Finalist. With speed and precision, the GS bridges the gap between nesting on a conventional CNC router and cutting books of panels on a beam saw.

IWF Products

Tooling set-up kits for vertical CNC machines

T-Tool offers a unique modular tooling system for the popular Weeke BHX Series CNC panel machines. This system allows you to preset your tooling outside of the machine without the use of collet sleeves offering a very flexible and safe system


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