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Vacuum-powered Dremel Cleans as It Cuts

Dremel launched a vacuum-powered rotary tool that cleans debris while running. The VRT1 turns a shop vacuum into a turbine-powered rotary tool capturing airborne dust as it goes for dusty projects in drywall, wood, glass, ceramic and a variety of similar dust-producing materials.


HafcoVac Fly By at AWFS: Free Drone With Vacuum Purchase

HafcoVac generated a cool aerial view of the action at the AWFS Fair 2015 woodworking show, with a drone-mounted cam beaming show footage back to their Booth #8847. It ties in to their show promotion: purchase a heavy duty compressed air industrial vacuum cleaner from their booth (#8847)  and get  a free quad-copter (a flying unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone).


New Tool Verifies Saw Blade Angle Is Accurate

Calculated Industries is introducing its Accumaster Angle Gauge for checking angles on saw blades, jointer fences, drill presses and band saw tables. It's among a new line of woodworking tools in Booth #4158 at the Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers Fair July 22-25 in sLas Vegas.


Veneer Tech Craftsman's Challenge Awards

The 11th Annual Veneer Tech Craftsman's Challenge took place yesterday at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas. The winning submission was Joel Liebman of Joel Liebman Furniture for his "Biedermeir Desk".

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