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A Furniture Carving That's Traditional Yet Digital

Architect, and furniture designer and builder Ferruccio Laviani creates projects that meld classic period designs with a digital riff, pushing the possibilities and inserting a soetimes irreverent riff. He designs at least some work digitally, as this rendering of a planned project suggests.


CabParts Cabinet Case Construction

CabParts, located in Grand Junction, Colorado, specializes in high-end, European style frameless cabinetry for both residential and commercial applications.


New England Casket Co. Wins 2015 Wooden Globe

New England Casket Co. improved the manufacturing of their caskets and cut down the production from 28 minutes per casket to 6.5 minutes. This reduction in time earned New Casket Co. a Wooden Globe for their “Commitment to Excellence through Technology.”


Helping Cabinetmakers by Helping Each Other

Matt Krig, President of the Cabinet Makers Association, shares his thoughts on why joining CMA has improved his business and has helped him find solutions to problems that slowed him down.

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