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White Ash: A Hard Hit Wood

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Updated: 04/25/2015 1:48PM

White ash is considered the premiere species of North American ashes. It is prized for being hard, strong, high in shock resistance with excellent bending qualities.

Wood Components & Sourcing

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Apple Will Protect 1 Million Acres of Forestland in China

Posted by Michaelle Bradford | Updated: 05/13/2015 10:44AM

Apple announced plans to protect one million acres of forestland in China. The program, part of a project with the World Wildlife Fund, will provide sustainably managed forests as a source for the wood products used in its product packaging.

Panel Supply

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Moz Designs Launches QuickShip Laminate Panel Program

Updated: 05/19/2015 2:19PM

Móz Designs has unveiled a QuickShip program that expedites delivery of decorative metal laminate sheets and handcrafted metal artwork to job sites. The QuickShip program is geared toward designers, installers and contractors

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