AWFS®Fair 2017 is scheduled for Wednesday - Saturday, July 19 - 22, 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Known as the industry’s innovation marketplace, AWFS®Fair 2017 is the “go to” event for thousands of woodworking manufacturing professionals who need cutting-edge solutions to make their operations more competitive and more profitable.
AWFS®Fair 2017 participants benefit from high-quality educational programming in the industry (the College of Woodworking Knowledge®), a huge, expanded show floor that features top suppliers and resources, and a variety of opportunities to network, learn and acquire the relevant information and strategies to help them grow along with their industry.

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AWFS Plastics Program

Plastics & Composites: Cutting Edge Materials

Interest in cutting, shaping, and machining plastics - a design trend in millwork, and also a result of the rising popularity of outdoor kitchens - has led more custom cabinetmakers into the plastics arena. AWFS Fair picked up on the movement with its Plastics Program at the Las Vegas show in July.

AWFS Plastics Program

5 Steps to Rout a Clear Edge on Acrylic

I’m often asked for suggestions on how to get a clear routed edge finish when routing an acrylic workpiece. This is usually an application for displays, awards, and advertising specialties where the edge of the product is exposed. Here's how to do it.


CNC Shopping: Here's How I Narrowed the Choices

The list of CNC machines available to the cabinet shop is quite overwhelming, and more companies seem to be coming into the industry all the time. Spending time on the front end, defining what I needed out of the machine, and setting a budget, allowed me to narrow the field of candidates and focus on fewer machines. Pretty soon you'll learn my final choice.

AWFS Products

Laguna Tools Debuts Smartshop III CNC at AWFS 2015

Laguna Tools Inc. will introduce its Smartshop III CNC at booth 7411 in the 2015 AWFS Fair in July in Las Vegas, Nevada. Developed in partnership with FANUC, the SMARTSHOP III is powered by the most reliable, most advanced CNC control Technology in the automation industry.


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