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Panel Processing

Panel Processing

Heavy Weight CNC Router

Smart Shop CNC Introduced the $16,900 Viper ATC CNC “Easy Pay” Program. The program is made available for small and mid-size shops needing options to in invest in the latest technology but have a hard time spending $70,000 to get it, the company says. The new “Easy Pay” guarantee’s financing to shops in business longer than a year and gives owners a guaranteed option for financing. Smart Shop CNC ‘s Viper ATC CNC Machine is fully loaded and ready for 24 hour production.

CNC Routers

Anderson America Corporation is a leading supplier of industrial CNC Routers for the woodworking, plastics, graphic, sign, composite materials, and NE metals industry throughout the world.  The Anderson and Selexx lines of CNC machinery are manufactured by Anderson Industrial Corp., a leading manufacturer of CNC technology.

Custom CNC Routers

Accu-Router manufactures custom high-performance CNC routers for a variety of industries, including: upholstered furniture, mouldings, boating, aerospace and automotive. The company also builds its own spindles in-house.

(931) 668-7127   

Pliable Edgebanding in Range of Finishes and Colors

Olon offers NEXGEN edgebanding in colors to match many popular high and low pressure laminates. Available in a range of finishes, Olon says NEXGEN edgebanding can be used for straight, contour and softform applications and offers a variety of features including high heat resistance, pliability, formability and good internal bond strength for machinability.

(800) 387-2319   



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