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Digital - the wise choice to generate
immediate response

​With so many choices in the high-impact space of digital advertising, it's important to identify which medium to use to achieve each specific objective and how to make your media spend count.

Determining which type of digital media to use is critical to your campaign’s success. You will want to clearly define the objectives and goals of your campaign... is it brand awareness, product introduction, lead-gen etc.? Effective integration of your chosen media elements will help you yield the best results.

With a variety of digital offerings available, Woodworking Network can help you achieve the brand success you desire.

Website Advertising


Our wide selection of e-newsletters give you options for reaching the professional woodworker. Each e-newsletter possesses brand strength among our audience, displaying exceptional open rates, high readership, and measurable engagement. Consider the benefits of your message embedded into one of the Woodworking Network’s e-newsletters.

Daily Brief Email Thumbnail

Daily Brief
Our daily newsletter filled with the latest woodworking business and technology news affecting the wood manufacturing industry.

Delivered daily, Monday – Saturday at 6am CT
Audience: 33,000+

Averages 24.4% open rate

Inline Ad: $790 per send
Leaderboard Ad: $1,061 per send or $5,676 weekly (6 times)
Video: $964 per send or $4,548 weekly (6 times)

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Red Book Alert email thumbnail

Red Book Alert
Spotlight on new product technology and services
which guarantees qualified opens,

Delivers every Wednesday at 9am CT
Audience: 29,000+

Averages 24.2% open rate

Inline Ad: $790 per send

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Week in Review email thumbnail

Week in Review
Week in Review is a recap of the best of the previous week’s Daily Brief news coverage.

Delivers weekly on Sundays
Audience: 24,000+

Averages 23.2% open rate

Inline Ad: $790 per send

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Closets & Organized Storage email thumbnail

Closets & Organized Storage
This e-newsletter is delivered to closets, garage & storage professionals to keep them informed on this niche market.

Delivers every Thursday, 10am CT
Audience: 19,00+

Averages 25.1% open rate

Inline Ad: $790 per send

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Breaking News email thumbnail

Breaking News
We keep our audience informed as breaking industry events occur.

Audience: 33,000+

Averages 25.7% open rate

Exclusive Opportunity: $956 per send

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WMS News email thumbnail

WMS Canadian News
Sharing the latest in wood industry news from Canada and WMS event updates.

Delivers bi-weekly on Tuesday, 8am CT
Audience: 10,000+

Averages 26.8% open rate

Inline Ad: $790 per send

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Product Showcase e-Newsletters

If your objective is to generate leads, this is the perfect opportunity. Our Product Showcase e-Newsletters are designed to deliver products, supplies, equipment and machinery options to professional woodworkers, cabinet makers, furniture manufacturers, home organization and closet companies. Each newsletter targets our most engaged audience, including those that have opened 3 or more WWN emails in the past 120 days. This is the ideal option to magnify your products in the eyes of the buyers when they are considering purchases.

Showcase EmailClosets Showcase EmailCNC Insider Showcase Email

Woodworking Network Showcase


Delivering the latest in wood
machinery and supplies to
32,000+ woodworking

Averages 39.6% open rate

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Inline Ad: $1,974

Showcase Schedule

Closets Showcase


More than 10,000 closets and
organization professionals need your
products and look to the
Closets Showcase to deliver

Averages 35.9% open rate

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Inline Ad: $1,375

Closets Showcase Schedule

CNC Insider Showcase


CNC focused case studies,
products, and content
delivered to 33,000+ precision

Averages 40.8% open rate

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Inline Ad: $1,974

CNC Showcase Schedule



Webinar Sponsorship

WWN Webinar Screenshot

Co-brand a Webinar with us and reach our audience of professional woodworkers, cabinet makers, furniture manufacturers, home organization and closet companies looking for best practices and ways to improve efficiency and productivity in their shops. Choose the option that works best for you; sponsor a WWN Produced Webinar or bring your developed content to us to produce and host. Either way, leave the Webinar production work to us.

Produced Webinar: $2,420 per webinar
Hosted Webinar: $6,058 per webinar

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Podcast Sponsorship

Woodworking Network Podcast thumbnail image

Podcasts are one of the fastest growing content formats today. The Woodworking Network audience tunes in regularly to listen to editor Will Sampson discuss everything from bidding and estimating costs, technology, customer service, and best practices. This evergreen content is ideal for industry marketers looking to make an impression with Woodworking Network’s dedicated audience. Podcast Sponsorship is an excellent branding opportunity to reach the professional woodworker as they tune in from their computer or outside of the business on their mobile device.

More than 45k podcast downloads/listens to date with an average of 1,000 per month and growing.

  1X: $3,145
  3X: $3,040
  6X: $2,830
12X: $2,500
24X: $1,500


Social Channels

Sponsored Facebook/Instagram Campaigns

WWN Facebook Campaign Screenshot

Reach our audience on Facebook and Instagram. With a sponsored campaign, you have large scale reach to potential customers where they are on the web. The base traffic campaign on Facebook can give you an estimated reach of 30,000 – 100,000 professional woodworkers over the course of the campaign, helping to drive sales activity and generate leads.

Base campaign: $4,457 per campaign

Campaigns can be customized further to maximize your reach, including specific audience selects based on location, age, gender, etc.





Utlilize the Google Display Network

Google Display Network

Retargeting is a powerful way to stay engaged with the Woodworking Network audience, regardless of where they are on the web. We can display your banner ad to people who have previously visited as they browse the Google Display Network. 

Woodworking Network visitor campaign: $96 (cpm)



Red Book Online

Red Book Showroom Enhanced Listing

Red Book Showroom Image

It's important to ensure professional woodworkers can easily locate suppliers when looking for the products you sell. A Showroom Enhanced Listing is one of the most cost-effective options to stand out above your competition in the Red Book online directory of products and suppliers.

An enhanced listing provides the ability to customize your listing with your company logo, company information, photos, documents and videos. Extra exposure is included via our Showroom, a slideshow listing of suppliers who have purchased an Enhanced Listing, drawing attention to those listed companies first. As a showroom advertiser your company will be recognized in the expanded ad index for the Red Book Resource Guide published in February (NEW ISSUE DATE IN 2024) and mailed and emailed to our audience of 63,000+.

The value of a Showroom Enhanced Listing:

Start your enhanced listing at any time. Your listing will run for 12 consecutive months from time of posting.

Hosted on with an average of over 300,000 views per month.

We drive buyers to the Showroom via website ads and ads in the weekly Red Book Alert e-newsletter that deploys to our database of 29,000+.

Your products will be on display in a number of Red Book Alert e-newsletters throughout your 12-month program.

$1,242 per listing



Email Marketing

Leverage the Woodworking Network database to send your exclusive message to our audience of qualified woodworking professionals, your customers.

Templated Email

Our designed templates make it turn-key for you to deliver an exclusive email to our audience. It’s simple. You provide the required elements and we do the rest to set-up and deliver your email to 30,000+ professional woodworkers, cabinet makers, furniture manufacturers, home organization and closet companies.

Promote your video, case study, white paper, or tech review using our pre-designed email templates.

$4,903 per send

Templated Email Screenshots

Custom Email

Go completely custom and deploy your own creative to the right audience. Target your message to a specific segment of our database by narrowing in on personal demographics or geo selections. Or choose to send to the full list. Either option delivers your personal message to the audience you wish to reach.

$5,348 per send for full list of 38,000 qualified woodworkers. Or you pick the list by choosing demographics and/or geo selects, $500 set-up charge, 10,000 minimum at $185/1,000

Custom Email Screenshots


Lead Nurturing/Trigger Campaign

Add a nurturing campaign to your email marketing efforts. There is no better way to grow your sales pipeline and increase lead volume quickly. Avoid wasting valuable time calling contacts that don’t have the budget or need your product. Engage your target audience with relevant information and take them from prospects to buyers.

$4,903 per send