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WMS 2019 Education Agenda

WMS 2019 offers a variety of educational opportunties that include two free keynote addresses, two half-day Conference Tracks (October 31 focuses on business and operations management, November 1 focuses on production management), two Luncheon keynotes and WMS Live Education on the Floor.


OCTOBER 31, 2019 

9:00 a.m.
Free Keynote Address
: HGTV Star Mike Holmes Jr. of Holmes & Holmes
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10:00 a.m.  

Focus:  Material Design Trends – European Inspiration and Surface Technology -- IDCEC Approved

John Topic, North American Marketing Manager, Willis

As technology advances, manufacturers of building and design materials are taking advantage of science to improve material form and function. Nanotechnology represents one of the fastest growing industrial sectors in recent years worldwide.  The construction industry begins to look with increasing attention to nanotech innovations, identified as an important resource to give a new impulse to market growth. Nanotechnology applied to building materials represents an example of how innovation increasingly combines dematerialization, eco-efficiency and a knowledge-based approach to develop new classes of products with high function. The session will outline the basics of nanotechnology and how it’s being used to revolutionize our industry and design inspiration from around the world.

Focus:  Kick Ass Lean 1 

Brad Cairns, Principal, Center for Lean Learning

KAL 1 is an introduction to Lean, talking about some of the tools and techniques.  Cairns will show video examples of Lean companies in action & expose some of the pitfalls to help kick off your Lean adventure on the right foot.  Great seminar for anyone looking to decide if lean is for them. Who does Lean apply to best? What sector of woodworking can Lean thinking really benefit? Viewers will leave with a keen understanding of whether or not Lean is for them. Participants will know how to see the things that are plaguing their manufacturing organization. Learn more.

11 a.m.

Focus:  AWMAC – How to Produce NAAWS Compliant Shop Drawings.  Every Time!

Ian Christie & Nick Anastas - AWMAC

An informative overview of the shop drawing and submission requirements mandated for NAAWS and GIS compliance.  Attendees will be able to identify the most common pitfalls, errors and omissions made by both millworkers and designers; and learn how to avoid them on future projects.

Focus:  Kick Ass Lean 2

Brad Cairns, Principal, Center for Lean Learning

In Kick Ass Lean 2 Cairns delves a little deeper into some specifics:  Where and how to start your Lean adventure and what Lean leadership looks like, (it may not be what you think.)  Amust attend for anyone who has started lean or has decided they are going for it.  When is the best time to get started?  Cairns will present a cross section of companies that have engaged in Lean. Guests will be able to discern when is a good time to start that Lean culture. This segment will be jam packed with real examples, before and after pictures, and a short discussion on each. Learn more.

Noon -- Luncheon Keynote: Luke Elias, President, Muskoka Cabinet Company

Muskoka's journey to automation -- Muskoka boasts one of the most advanced panel processing cells in the world, utilizing Robotics, RFID, ERP and an AGV, for machining, sorting, labelling, transporting and tracking parts. These innovations have resulted in Muskoka having output three times the industry average. 2019 will see the launch of SMARTSonic, the fastest, most advanced panel processing cell of its size in the world.
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NOVEMBER 1, 2019 

9:00 a.m.

Free Keynote Address: Will Sampson, Editor, FDMC -- Solving the pricing puzzle


10:00 a.m.  

Focus:  Finishing Quality Through Process Control  

Presented by Jason Chiu, Managing Director, UBC Centre for Advanced Wood Processing

This presentation is intended for small to medium sized valued-added wood products manufacturers who apply a manual finish onto their product. Participants will learn about the various types of finishes finishing techniques, tools and tips on improving the profitability of the finishing department. Far too often in small to medium sized companies, the finishing department is overlooked when capital investments are being considered.

Focus:  Wood Doctor's Rx  Part 1 --  Improving profitability and reducing wood costs in cabinet and furniture plants

Presented by Dr. Eugene Wengert, AKA "The Wood Doctor"

Gene Wengert, “The Wood Doctor” has been training people in efficient use of wood for 35 years. He is extension specialist emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a popular columnist in FDMC and speaker.  In this two part presentation, Wengert discusses common problems in the shop that can be solved with better management and basic knowledge.  He'll also save some time to field questions from the audience on practical or technical challenges you encounter in lumber and panel - the Q+A's in FDMC magazine that have made him such a treasured woodworking industry resource.
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11 a.m.

Focus:  Specialty Finishes

Presented by Joseph Kim, UBC Centre for Advanced Wood Processing

Kim has a B.Sc. in Cell Biology and Genetics, and is a Ph.D. Wood Science student in the Department of Wood Science at UBC and is a self-taught expert on specialty finishes.  He'll discuss how to achieve such specialty finishes as crackle lacquer, checking/cracking the finish, aging the finish (relic), faded stain on figured wood, gradual multi-colour spraying, masking tape technique to make patterns, incorporating laser engraver for finishing, and epoxy resin and others.

Focus:   Wood Doctor's Rx  Part 2 --  Eliminating everyday gluing and machining defects

Presented by Dr. Eugene Wengert, AKA "The Wood Doctor"

In part 2 of his presentation Dr. Wengert drills deeper into specific problems in the shop and offers attendees the opportunity to ask questions about issues they may be having in their operations.
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Noon -- Luncheon KeynoteDaniel Drapeau, CEO, Miralis, Inc.

A Leap of Faith: How Bold Decisions Can Make All the Difference

Miralis is a well-established kitchen cabinet manufacturer based in the province of Quebec along the shores of the majestic St-Lawrence river. This dynamic company has evolved from a wood door and component carpentry shop to a high-tech manufacturing facility producing permanent furniture for living spaces. This changeover started 10 years ago when Daniel Drapeau bought Miralis and decided to turn the business model around. 

Have you ever taken massive risks? Like dropping 60% of your income stream to secure a better long-term future? It may sound crazy, but it's bold decisions like this that allowed this young CEO to put Miralis on the map. And betting on innovation, on the future paid off: the company is racing forward like never before. 
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