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The National Event for Canada's Wood Industry Oct. 31 - Nov. 2, 2019 | International Centre Toronto, Canada
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WMS 2019 Education Agenda


The 2019 Woodworking Machinery & Supply education opportunties include two free keynote addresses, two half-day Conference Track (October 31 focuses on business and operations management, November 1 focuses on production management), 


OCTOBER 31, 2019 

Free Keynote Address: HGTV Star Mike Holmes Jr. of Holmes & Holmes

Conference Session 1:  TBD


Conference Session 2:  How to Produce NAAWS Compliant Shop Drawings. Every Time!

An informative overview of the shop drawing and submission requirements mandated for compliance with the North American Architectural Woodwork Standards and GIS compliance. Attendees will be able to identify the most common pitfalls, errors and omissions made by both millworkers and designers; and learn how to avoid them on future projects. Presented by 

Luncheon Keynote: Daniel Drapeau, CEO, Miralis, Inc. 

A Leap of Faith: How Bold Decisions Can Make All the Difference
Miralis is a well-established kitchen cabinet manufacturer based in the province of Quebec along the shores of the majestic St-Lawrence river. This dynamic company has evolved from a wood door and component carpentry shop to a high-tech manufacturing facility producing permanent furniture for living spaces. This changeover started 10 years ago when Daniel Drapeau bought Miralis and decided to turn the business model around. 
Have you ever taken massive risks? Like dropping 60% of your income stream to secure a better long-term future? It may sound crazy, but it's bold decisions like this that allowed this young CEO to put Miralis on the map. And betting on innovation, on the future paid off: the company is racing forward like never before.