Was Extra Fine Wood Dust Factor in Mill Fires and Explosions?

A trend to finer wood dust - resulting from dryer beetle killed wood and finer-kerf saw blades - may have contributed to fires and explosions in British Columbia wood factories. A 2012 internal memo from WorkSafeBC, released through a Freedom of Information request by a union, also predicted resistance to wood dust control rules "if an enforcement strategy is pursued at this time."

Combustible Wood Dust Enforcement Reports Issued in Canada

Richmond, BC  — Between April 7 and June 23, 2014, WorkSafeBC completed targeted combustible dust inspections in 85 sawmill locations and 15 wood product manufacturing locations in B.C. These inspections were in support of the ongoing Combustible Dust Strategy that was initiated in 2012.  The following reports outline the results of those inspections: Download Phase IV Combustible Dust Inspection Initiative — Sawmills Download Phase IV Combustible Dust Inspection Initiative Reprot — Wood Products Manufacturing