Sing Honeycomb Panels make
plank floor, butcherblock lighter

MCCLEARY, WA - Lighter wood plank floors, doors, as well as butcher block countertops are possible with a novel approach invented by Peter Sing. His McCleary, WA wood products firm offers a variety of wood surfaces laminated to a honeycomb core, which Sing says can change the way to manufacture, and install wood flooring, doors, walls or even an entire house.

Sing says it is possible to install some of the widest and longest wide plank flooring (9" wide x 10' long for example) without worrying about issues that come with long plank flooring - such as warping, twisting, shrinking and cracking - because his flooring is laminated to a sandwich torsion box of insulated Sing Honeycomb core.

The same patented honeycomb approach can be used on hardwood planks, and it can be edge glued to form wide tables and wide doors. "These work better than the same solid wood construction due to our torsion box sandwich honeycomb core structure," says Sing. Contact him at 360-495-3577

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