The iPad has certainly taken the world by storm. People have found so many uses for the new device from reading electronic books to listening to music. I even met an exhibitor at NeoCon 2010 in Chicago who showed me the drawings of a new concept product on his iPad.

So it’s no surprise to learn that enterprising individuals are taking this new technology and developing unique uses for it. Alan Daly, from Dublin, Ireland, decided to mount his iPad on one of his kitchen cabinet doors. It's a perfect spot to view online recipes, recipe Apps or to listen to podcasts, he says.

From his Blog, Daly describes how he made this idea work. He took the original door and cut out space for the iPad and mounted it on the back with a wooden slab. He bought a replacement door just in case there was a problem, but from the video below, it looks like the project was a success.

Should he ever remove the iPad from the cabinet, which his wife hopes he doesn't, it can be replaced with an “8 by 10 photo glued to a piece of wood that slots into the holder on the back of the cabinet door.”

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