Rick Hill, bloggist and columnist at Woodworking Network, previews his seminar presentation at AWFS Fair 2011.
Implementing Successful Sales Systems, Wednesday, July 20, from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.

Do you make a great product but lack the knowledge to get it sold? Rick’s basic selling seminar, geared for small shops that do not have outside sales people, will help you develop methods for finding new business, making the sale and creating new selling opportunities for your shop. A sampling of Rick’s selling secrets include creating an “elevator speech” that defines your company’s strengths and unique product or service, how to build word of mouth sales and methods to qualify potential sales prospects quickly. He shares how to build a sales tracking system that records your work, customers, and sales activity. Rick explains how to make the right contacts, finding and calling leads and the importance of knowing how to ask “why.” Rick will lower your stress level on closing–without the plaid sports coat—and suggest multiple strategies for follow up. Register here for Rick Hill and other AWFS Fair 2011 events.

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