Interview Summary: Bill Esler and Smartech's Jannica Greife discuss the company's commitment to providing real value to the industry through high quality and innovative products that make the process of 3D lamination more trouble free. The primary focus is the release of four new products: A system that eliminates the headaches of mixing two part adhesives, a roll storage rack specifically designed for those with lower ceiling heights and a limited budget, a gluing turntable that is more operator friendly, and a trimming knife at a substantially lower cost than existing knives.


Smartech International is committed to providing innovative solutions for 3D Lamination. Advanced membrane materials, auxiliary equipment and a unique line of pressroom tools make the process simpler, more consistent, and trouble free. Smartech’s customers, large and small, enjoy the benefits of relying on a proven industry leader.


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Brochure: Smart Solutions to Age-Old Problems

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