Janusz Grünspek, like every artist, tries to put his ideas and thoughts into an actual image. He uses a variety of techniques. One of these techniques leads to what can best be described as spatial drawings. With very simple materials - skewers and a glue gun - he has developed and refined a technique to represent - mainly everyday - objects in fragile wooden lines.

A chair, a table, a computer, a security camera. All of these objects he puts in transparent lines on a 1 : 1 scale, creating new objects which will enthrall the viewer. Light as a feather, the "drawings" can be lifted and moved. The actual chair is reduced to a fraction of its actual weight and material. It is thought-provoking.

Janusz Grünspek is a European artist. Born in 1970 in Poland, he is the son of an architect. After the early death of his father he grew up with his mother and sister. Feeling constrained by a likely career as a miner,  at 18 he decided to emigrate to Germany.

His training in manual arts - as an electrician - and his studies in Fine Arts - form the basis for his work. 

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