Making Bluetooth speakers out of reclaimed wood beams from Virginia farmsteads, Zack Jester, founder of ClawHammer Co., launched the BeamBox. 

His crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter earned $15,786, nearly double its $8,000 goal.

Eight years ago Jester started Van Jester Woodworks in Richmond, VA, aiming to position himself as a quality woodwright  and "the premiere example of fine craftsmanship in the area," he says.

After years of expanding his skill set, Jester realized that while he still enjoyed creating quality pieces with the design specifications of his clients, he also needed an outlet to create and showcase his own  ideas, and launched Clawhammer Co. Clawhammer now serves as an outlet for Zack and his colleague creaftsmen to produce and sell their unique creations. A Kickstarter fundraising effort was created that features BeamBox

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 as its flagship good, but also to spread the message behind our company as a whole.

For the BeamBox, "Reclaimed wood and modern tech joined seamlessly," says founder Jack Zester. Working with reclaimed beams from around his area.

"Construction truly started on every BeamBox a century or more ago when a tree was cut down and processed by hand and axe from log to timber," he says. "Each beam then proved itself as a titan of structural support for a century or more. Today we are harvesting these beams, incorporating modern technology, and producing the coolest, most historically significant speaker you could ever own. 

The choices of home audio systems available today are endless, but how many out there function at a high level and provide a unique, truly quality aesthetic? Our state-of-the-art wireless Bluetooth speakers are housed in cabinets constructed by hand from centuries old wood reclaimed from barns.

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