Olympia Coffee Roasting Company recently opened its third location in the historic Wildwood Building in Olympia, WA. Built in 1938, the Wildwood Building landmark is a charming time piece located at the intersection of four Olympia neighborhoods.

This is the first café that was custom designed and built to their standards in a collaborative effort with local designers, Roussa Cassel, Bicycle Homebuilding and Windfall Lumber.

The design for the cafe combines an art deco motif and subtle curves with a very modern material palette. Locally sourced reclaimed material from Windfall Lumber provides the warmth of wood that is an essential element of the vernacular.

Inspired by the past and present, the wrap around bar cladding from Windfall Lumber is handcrafted from reclaimed textile maple flooring from deconstructed textile mills in the Southeastern US. The eastern maple flooring in the mills was used to support hundreds of workers and textile machines from 1900 –1990.

A variety of seating opportunities create the makings of a lively neighborhood meeting spot. The central wrap-around bar is designed to encourage interaction with customers and puts the coffee and brewing process on display. A custom piece from Windfall Lumber, the “sit here” window counter is crafted from FSC certified Douglas fir from the ZigZag forest just south of Portland, and owned by the Girl Scouts of America. The open banquette seating continues to bring a social atmosphere to the café with reclaimed Douglas fir engineered panels crafted by Windfall Lumber from deconstructed schools in the Seattle area.

The bold black and white tile, handmade in Nicaragua, was selected to reference the origins of the coffee and the vibrancy of its locale. Compostable retail packaging made from 100 percent reused burlap coffee sacks and recycled paper is used and is wrapped in an easily removable label that includes origin information, along with the stories of people who own the farm. Promoting sustainability at its origin is one of Olympia’s biggest priorities.

Olympia Coffee is producing a series of syrupy, citrusy and floral coffees that are winning acclaim throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The growing company and its two owners, Oliver Stormshak and Sam Schroeder, who got their start pulling espresso shots as baristas, are still riding high from being named Roast Magazine’s 2013 Micro-Roaster of the Year.

Olympia Coffee travels around the world seeking the best coffees and farmers to work with in Central and South America as well as Africa, collaborating with its coffee farmers in the effort to grow delicious quality coffee. Olympia Coffee participates in a program called Direct Trade, in which payment for all of their beans is made directly to the farmers without an intermediary. This allows the farmers to receive more money for their crop and provide their customers with specific and customized beans. This program has fiscal advantages for the coffee farmers and encourages social change in their communities.

Source: Windfall Lumber

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