A tree falling in the forest usually isn't news, unless the tree happens to be a 1,500 year-old Giant Sequoia that comes to rest in the middle of a frequently-used hiking path.

The U.S. Forest Service reported that the tree fell Sept. 30, 2011 across the Trail of 100 Giants, "a popular recreation site in the Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument" featuring an accessible paved path of roughly 1.3 miles with several loop options and interpretive signs.

The U.S. Forest Service temporarily closed the path to clear debris and assess the situation.  It reopened but the question remains, what to do with the fallen Sequoia?  Have a creative solution? Woodworking Network would like to hear it.

We'll publish the best responses. And take your time: the tree is already getting snowed on, and the Forest Service says nothing will happen until the thaw.

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