Olek Lejbzon & Co. restores historic woodwork, and fabricates new custom woodwork. These carved wood ropes are being used in new Reception Desks and Mail Sorters for a Tudor style apartment building Lobby.

We show how to carve a 1" or a 2" diameter double twisted rope.

- Lay out a pattern of the rope on paper using a ruler and pencil

- Roll the paper around the round wood rod. Line up the diagonal lines.

- Fabricate a form to hold your work piece with two half round cuts. Line the half rounds with leather or fabric not to scratch your work

- Take a reciprocating saw or coping saw and cut through the diagonal pattern to the desired depth of the carving relief.

- Start carving with appropriate size gauges. This shows carving with solid oak, a very hard wood not recommended for beginners' projects. These carved ropes have not been sanded, and show the carving tool marks, to enhance the rustic feel of the furniture.

If you have a custom woodwork or custom carved wood project you would like made, please call or email us.


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