Creating a woodwork employee pipeline, Advance Cabinetry Systems takes in interns; Woodwork Career Alliance launched WCA-EDU Training Affiliate; and WWN Jobs channel lists hundreds of opens daily.

Woodworker Training Leads Comments on Articles Advanced Cabinetry Systems has been working hard with our myShop student intern program since 2012. We’d like to evolve the program into job-shadowing and internship opportunities but are wary about the ramifi cations of allowing high school students to run machinery. As an employer, we’re not able to hire anyone under the age of 18 and allow them to run the machinery. Do you know of anyone who would able to shed some light on this subject? Any assistance you can provide me will be greatly appreciated.

– Marc Dunker | Creative Director, Advanced Cabinetry Systems, Marion, IN

Advanced Cabinetry Systems can turn to Woodwork Career Alliance Training Affiliate WCA-EDU ( which sets training and testing for formal certification in 50 woodworking jobs skills. More than 45 schools are affiliated. An apprenticeship program at Blum USA cabinet hardware won WMIA’s Wooden Globe.Visit for hundreds of resumes and openings.

I am a Chiropractor and I use a flat “scraper” tool to help break down fascial adhesions in the muscles, tendons, etc. I would love to produce a tool out of hardwood so that my patients can work on themselves at home. Where can I find someone that might be interested in doing what I need.

– Dr. Caleb Runne, Oak Ridge, TN

Wood Components Manufacturers Association would be one source for candidates to produce your product. Find their source guide at The Wood Products Redbook also carries a section.

A reader responded to a report by Rich Christianson on Cardell Cabinetry and Furniture Brands Bankruptcy news, stories that set record online viewership.

‘I appreciate that you stick to your knitting; reporting on industry issues that help readers with info that is fact based and empirical (not self-indulgent forays into fantasy and accusation, like some). Controversy is at times unavoidable and that’s OK as long as it’s presented objectively, factually and without a specious appearance. Those who buy ink by the barrel must be responsible and I think you are.’

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