NEW YORK – As technology improves across the woodworking industry, more and more positions rely on employees skilled in software and coding.

Survey: Coding Skills in Demand in Woodworking Industry

A new job posting by Kenyon Woodworking seeks an individual skilled in programs like Vectorworks and CabinetVision. Other positions posted on Woodworking Network's Jobs Board reveals multiple positions skilled in programs like AutoCAD.

The Association for Advancing Vision and Imaging (AIA) offered a free Machine Vision Software webinar on Aug. 5. The webinar will also illustrate basic approaches for creating machine vision applications including conventional coding, drag and drop, point and click, and spreadsheet.

In July more than 400 students in southern Florida earned certifications in Mastercam CAD/CAM software in June through CNC Software Inc. supported programs. Mastercam certification is a series of tests for programmers to effectively demonstrate their ability to work with CAM software. CNC Software offers two certification levels for their Mastercam program. The Associate Level includes comprehensive testing based on the latest technologies while Professional Level includes the comprehensive testing combined with practical applications.

Students who graduate coding boot camps are finding full-time employment, according to a new study from Course Report. The report shows 75 percent of graduates surveyed reported being employed in a full-time job requiring the skills learned at boot camp, with an average salary increase of 44 percent. The average annual salary increased from $53,000 to $76,000 among the respondents, who paid an average of $10,000 in tuition to attend 8-12 week programming intensives. Most were not working in software development before attending.

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