FAIR LAWN, NJ - Lumber and millwork supplier Kuiken Brothers Company Inc. celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2012, publishing a history of the firm, holding a materials exposition, and presenting a release of its classic American moulding profiles.

This month, Kuiken Brothers was selected from among 4,500 businesses and named Dealer of the Year by ProSales Magazine

Since its founding in Fairlawn, NJ in 1912, Kuiken Brothers has grown to nine locations, providing lumber panel, building materials, goods and services. From 1989 to 2011, Kuiken Brothers duplicated its successful Fair Lawn presence by building or acquiring seven additional retail locations in New Jersey, and one in New York. Sites in addition to Fairfield now include: Emerson, NJ - Midland Park, NJ - Ogdensburg, NJ - Wantage, NJ - Succasunna, NJ - Roseland, NJ - Garfield, NJ - Warwick, NY

In June 2011 the company opened its latest retail outlet on a 12-acre site in Succasunna, New Jersey, featuring a state-of-the-art, drive-through lumber and building materials facility for builders, remodelers and homeowners. Over the last decade, Kuiken Brothers also added a dedicated commercial building materials location.

Kuiken Brothers, which offers educational workshops for builders, remodelers, architects and designers on the latest products and best practices, will also host its annual Product Expo in November 2012 to mark its centennial.

The Kuiken family, carpenters and crafstman in their native Netherlands, emigrated to New Jersey in the late 1800s. Brothers Henry A. Kuiken and Nicholas A. Kuiken settled in what is now Fair Lawn, New Jersey, in 1912, later joined by older brother, Dirk, and cousin, Richard R. Kuiken Sr. The family took the skills they had as carpenters and craftsmen to lay the foundation for what would, one day, become a household name in New Jersey.

"My family began its migration to America about a hundred years after New Jersey received statehood," said Douglas R. Kuiken, president of Kuiken Brothers. Douglas Kuiken says his firm played a key role in the second half of New Jersey's history through building, commerce, philanthropy, good corporate citizenship and environmental-consciousness.

"I am very proud of our family and employee team. For the past century, they have put heart and soul into making a positive and indelible impact on our state."

Continued Family Involvement

The changes that transformed Kuiken Brothers from a small, one-location operation to a reginoal leader in lumber and building supplies were achieved through business acumen and hard work.

But another factor is the consistentcy of the organization's philosophy since since the founding days, say the Kuiken family, grounded in "its desire to do things the correct way, even when that way was not the easiest or the most profitable," says the company. That culture has been carried into the fourth generation, now involved in the Kuiken Brothers business.

Award-Winning Moulding

In August 2011, Kuiken Brothers announced one of the largest launches of classic American moulding products ever in the United States. The KB Classical Moulding Collection includes sixty-five, in-stock, historically-inspired moulding profiles, and represents classic American moulding profiles designed nearly 200 years ago. The collection includes a range of crown, casing, base, chair-rail and panel mouldings. The profiles are classified by style, including Early American, Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival and Colonial Revival and can be seen at www.kuikenbrothers.com.

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