CHAMBERSBURG, PA - Leidy's Custom Woodworking, a manufacturer of commercial  casework and residential cabinetry, has acquired the building and assets of nearby cabinet shop Appalachian Mill. The acquisition allows Leidy's to add seven additional employees who that were formerly employed by Appalachian Mill.

Company founder and president David Leidy says he needs to move from his current 3,000 square-foot shop into Appalachian Mill's 35,000 square-foot facility to meet the demands of his growing customer base.

"It's to the point where we are turning people down," Leidy told his local news channel, stating the business has grown 10-fold. "[It] also gives us the opportunity to have a showroom where we can bring in commercial and residential customers to look at the products and options that are available."

Leidy's Custom Woodworking, founded in 1982, mostly works in the commercial millwork sector, which means that the housing downturn has had little effect on the company. Projects such as courthouses, banks and schools, have kept Leidy Custom Woodworking afloat.

The company's work within the medical industry really that makes the expansion possible, according to Leidy. "Some of our largest jobs have been hospital work and I'm going to have to say that's what got us through the slump in residential." 

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