NEW YORK CITY - W.R. Woodworking and Finishing, Brooklyn, New York, gets credit for transforming a mid-1950s walnut paneled Manhattan dining room wall into see through pocket doors for architect Laurie Lieberman.

Lieberman's portfolio focuses on artfully revamping tight quarters in New York City apartments, with several featuring wood-paneled appliances. She redid her own dining room with the help of W.R. Woodworking and Finishing. The custom woodworking firm converted a 1950s dark walnut paneled wall into a see through to the kitchen, Lieberman tells the New York Times, by remaking the walnut paneled wall into pocket doors.

Lieberman told the Times that the woodworking portion of the project - including custom kitchen cabinets, and the conversion of the walnut panels, cost a total $15,000, one-third the going rate because she frequently works with the woodworker on her other projects.

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